Saturday, June 11, 2011

Tree lets us know it wants its space

One wonderful thing about the townhouse complex where we live is how green they've managed to keep everything.  And by green, I don't mean manicured only shrubbery and lawns (which they've also done a good job with).  We have a pine tree right next to our unit - pine trees in Richmond outside of the Christmas tree lots are rare - that has become somewhat of a nuisance by pushing up concrete, rendering the parking spot unusable except for the higher-clearance SUVs.

Beginning about six weeks ago, we started hearing thumps on our roof, sounding like a rodent had fallen out of the tree, then made a mad dash for safety.  However, it was happening with an increasing frequency that exceeded the probability of drunk squirrels falling out of trees.

Cone from a Bishop (I think) Pine