Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Venus in bloom

I replanted my Venus Flytrap this year.  It was a bit of risk - the last time I did so, over 10 years ago, my flytrap died a quick death within a month.  I felt better equipped this time.  I had repurposed a clear, plastic box many times larger than the circular cylinder as it's container.  It seemed to thrive in its moisture rich environment, so the container would need a lid, which was provided by a perfectly fitting Ferrero Rocher box.  I had also saved up some moss to add as a plant medium.  Now, about three months after its replanting, it has lost most of its original leaves, and the new ones growing back are much smaller (making it more difficult to feed).  I had used some outdoor potting soil which I had hoped would've had most of its nutrients leeched out, but that still might be too nutrient rich be burning the roots.  I'll try adding a layer of pine needles as some have had success with that.

I was cheered when a month ago, I saw three flower stalks coming up.  Two of them withered, but the strongest has produced a single flower.

I'm not sure whether it's pre-bloom, or post-bloom.  I've been checking on her every day, and she went from a bud on Sunday to this today.