Saturday, July 16, 2011

Canada Day weekend - crowds of a different type

In the city, Canada Day weekend is when one typically spends more time in traffic than usual.  Everybody is out, trying to maximize the time off, and take in the festivities.

I was in cottage country in Ontario for the first time, taking in lake life with camera in hand, watching how the other species celebrates Canada Day.

Redwing blackbird, catching dragonflies on the wing

The tail of a cat waving coyly amongst the rushes

"I was here first," shrieked the redwing blackbird to the eastern kingbird

Female redwing blackbird

It seemed the only times the redwing blackbirds weren't singing was when they had dragonflies in their mouths

belted kingfisher

pumpkinseed sunfish, tanning in about 20 inches of water

Great blue heron

leopard frog


midland painted turtle, feasting on a Chinese pineapple bun I'd clumsily dropped into the water earlier that morning
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Hugh said...

My guess is this is the first documented case of a Midland Painted Turtle feasting on a Chinese pineapple bun in Ontario. I grew up there, and never saw it happen, even once. Excellent picture! (How did you take it?)

Tim said...

I have an underwater housing for one of my point & shoots. I shoved the camera underwater slowly to not alarm the turtle, and shot away.

I had to consult and cross ref with Google Images to figure out what turtle I had. Thanks!

Petti said...

Very nice pictures Tim. Thanks for sharing the "nature" with us. Your post reminds me that I haven't been "outdoor" for too long.

Konrad said...

there are kingfishers in Canada?