Saturday, December 1, 2012

Its shy side

The Christmas Cactus revealed just a scant group of leaves this year. In the last two years, perhaps only two scrawny leaves have been appended to its stalks. Maybe it doesn't like the bright southern exposure we've given it for the last few years.  This photo was from last weekend, which puts the timing of the opening of the first flowers about two weeks earlier than last year, and a week earlier than two years ago.

The flowers seemed to favour the sunny side.  This angle is the same angle I've photographed it compared to prior years, yet this time, the blooms are nearly all on the opposite side.

The blooms aren't as extravagant as in prior years despite better living conditions than in prior years:  a bit of fertilization in the spring, no pests, and no flooding.


Susannah Anderson said...

My Christmas cactus hasn't done well this year at all. It set buds, but they all dropped off.

May as well blame it on the weather; I know I haven't done anything different.

Tim said...

I read that too much moisture can cause this to happen, as watering is supposed to be reduced while the plant is flowering. Strangely, last year's near-drowning of my plant didn't seem to produce that result.

I have observed though that all flowers will bloom within three weeks. Any small buds that I see now (as in the lower left of the photo) will drop off without any increase in size.

Konrad said...

how long do they live for? I'll give you my condolences at its passing.