Thursday, March 21, 2013

Fanny Bay - not just known for their oysters

One of my sources for information about nature on the island is Island Nature .  It is because of that site that I first heard of the herring spawn in Comox, driving my desire to visit the beaches there.  The blog also informed me of the sea lions stationed at a floating wooden structure at Fanny Bay (location of the famed Fanny Bay oyster farms), which was on our way up to Comox.

I've seen sea lions in the wild, but never this close, and never this many.  They are here for the herring.  From the parking lot we could already hear their loud barks.
"I hear barking, but they don't look like dogs"

Rafts of lions
From our pier, we were probably only 10 metres away from the boisterous pinnipeds.  We didn't think we could get any closer.  But we did.  A dive boat had just dropped off its divers, and the driver of the boat asked if we'd like a short boat ride to the raft of sea lions. Who would say 'no'?


barking contest

The type who can sleep despite the ruckus

I think we all know who the bully is here

Sea lions are one of the creatures who are quite comfortable with humans, making them easily viewable.  With full bellies, and about four times heavier than any of us, they did not seem to care as we circled them in our boat.  They shouted barks in our general direction, but were generally more concerned with preserving their prime resting spots, making for a wonderful viewing opportunity.


Annie Laura said...

Nice photos! Up close and personal. You'll enjoy the Galapagos Islands where sea lions are like the residents. You see them at the bus stations, the parks, sometimes 'walking' up the streets along the beaches.

Konrad said...

Dang, Tim, these are nice photos. You should look for a nature column in a magazine to write for.