Thursday, January 1, 2015

Even birds sleep in on New Years

We arrived at 9am at Boundary Bay.  At -2 degrees C, we made sure to bundle up warmly before rolling out of the car.

The early morning light bathed the bay in a warm glow.  Even the birds seemed to need a bit of warming up, as we saw little action in the first hour.

We had come to see the birds of prey, and as the ground thawed, so did the wildlife activity.

Cooper's hawk

Juvenile bald eagle

Northern harrier

Hawk vs eagle

Northern harrier

Purple finch

Song sparrow

A non-mallard (mallard females will have a horizontal stripe on each side of the eye)

Baldie with captured prey

We didn't end up seeing any owls...could've been a combination of the time of year, and the early time of day.

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