Friday, January 1, 2016

HNY 2016

We got to Boundary Bay just in time to catch the sun rise this morning at 8am. While not as cold as last year, it was still below freezing. Bird activity was minimal compared with last year, with a few low flyby's by hawks from behind so that our only photos were tail shots.
Cooper's hawk

Northern flicker.  A common woodpecker in residential areas of the city.

Saw-whet owl
Owls are always the highlight for me, and we would've missed this one down in the thickets if not for some experienced birders lying prostrate aiming their big lenses at this little thing.


PSYL said...

That seems like a nice tradition - birding at Boundary Bay on Jan 1st. Have a wonderful 2016!

Btw, the first bird looks more like a Northern Harrier than a Cooper's Hawk - I usually identify harriers based on their owlish faces.

Tim said...

You're probably right, PSYL. I was just guessing Cooper's since the Northern Harrier's I've seen at Boundary Bay had a more blue/grey face, but I haven't seen enough to know for sure.

Bella Sinclair said...

You are absolutely right! Someone needs to get an egret costume, and fast. Good thinking.

How great it was to have spotted that owl at the bay. There were a lot of birders at the nature preserve I visited, too. I had no idea so many species of birds come to visit our city's little marsh. Marvelous! Canada geese started coming here a couple of years ago. Thanks for your visit. Hope you've been well!