Monday, January 15, 2018

fastest animal in the world

Land: cheetah
Water: sailfish
Air: peregrine falcon

I've seen the falcon a few times, but never this close.

Our local transit authority was trying them out as a deterrent for pigeons that were roosting near the stations and causing problems with droppings and triggering the track intrusion alarms.

What was most interesting was how alert they were.  They'd be continually scanning the sky, not looking in a single direction for more than a second.


Bella Sinclair said...

That's one great looking bird. It's probably more effective than those plastic owls or needle spikes I've seen to deter pigeons. I'd love to have one here to deter the house finches that destroy my window screens every spring.

Tim said...

Hi Bella! The train stations are already decorated with dense spikes, yet the pigeons still find places to roost. Plus, well-meaning people still feed the birds.
How are the finches destroying your window screens? Are they trying to fly through them?